To truly understand who I am and what I do, you need to know my back story…

Growing up in Maine, I lived there for 18 years. I dropped out of college and got set up on a blind date in California while on vacation. I had planned on moving…

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A small business marketing guide shows you step by step on how to strategically market your products and services.

Before you can create a successful marketing plan, you have to define some important things:- Your Goals: What do you want to achieve in the first month? The first six months? The first year? Your time and budget will influence how quickly you can implement your plan. …

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Email marketing campaigns can assist your small business to develop awareness, loyalty, desire, and trust with
its consumers. This form of marketing can be used to retain as well as engage existing consumers. Also, it can as well
assist you in establishing new clients.

Here are a few of the many ways in which a well-established email marketing campaign can benefit small

Email marketing campaigns are usually very…

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Often, businesses will use their social media accounts in a very detached and ‘corporate manner’. The unfortunate part of this is that often the companies are very well-intentioned. Often, the aim behind this is to create posts that will sound official and ‘professional’ and they thus hope that they will be able to gain more followers as a result.

But the web is forcing businesses to adapt and today customers often don’t want to buy from businesses that attempt to be detached or corporate. Instead, they want companies that are exciting, youthful and personable. …

Are you a creative person looking to make money with your talent? You should check out some of these at-home business ideas for the creative mind. Not only are you doing something with your time that you love, but you’re also making yourself more money.

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  1. Arts Studio — If you have a knack for painting and drawing, this at-home business is a perfect fit. More than ever, the love of art is on the rise. People nowadays are willing to spend good money on the art they believe to be unique and stunning. …

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Alright, the first thing you need to do is choose a niche to focus on. This method is so much easier than the micro niche method because it doesn’t involve hours upon hours of researching products, affiliate networks, and keyword tools. You just pick a niche and go.

Okay, so it does involve SOME research, but the research is faster and easier using this method, and using a few free tools you can complete this in an hour or less in most cases. The first thing to do is figure out a niche that has voracious buyers but…

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